1930s luxury gold, platinum and diamond eyewear collection


Innovation and creativity in design, materials, optics, and clinical care feature prominently throughout our long history: qualities that have been rewarded by numerous patents.

C.W. Dixey & Son was one of the first to consider eyewear as an art form, producing functional items of exquisite beauty from an early stage. One such item was a luxurious blue enamel, pearl and gold telescope created in the 1780s for the Emperor of China.

We were the first to incorporate diamonds and platinum into eyewear, blurring the distinction between eyewear and jewellery.

As London's most prestigious optician we were perfectly poised to capture the zeitgeist of each era with imaginative new services that indulged our clients' desire for individuality and exclusivity. One such service was The Regency Room where fashionable 20th century ladies could commission sophisticated couture eyewear.

However, perhaps our most significant contribution and enduring achievement was our pioneering work on the development of contact lenses.

IMAGE: 1930s luxury gold, platinum and diamond eyewear collection.