Gold and pearl telescope created for Emperor Qianlong of China


Established in 1777, C.W. Dixey & Son is the oldest independent eyewear company in the world. Since the company began, ownership has passed between friends or family and to this day we remain an English family business, based in London.

Our story began at 3 New Bond Street where William Fraser established his optical and mathematical instrument company. In the early years he kept a cow to refresh thirsty customers, so even in those days a commitment to customer satisfaction was evident - if not a little primitive!

Over the next 230 years, the company strengthened this commitment and earned a distinguished reputation for innovation and excellence.

Our pedigree is unrivalled. We have served seven successive kings and queens of England, the Royal Houses of nine nations, and the emperors of China, France and India. Sir Winston Churchill remained a loyal patron for half a century and our reputation also attracted legendary adventurers, writers and artists.

Our archives revealed a treasure trove of original designs that have been interpreted to meet the tastes of our discerning 21st century clientele.

Our ethos has always been quality and exclusivity, and it remains so today. Our eyewear is designed in Great Britain and made in France. Use of fine materials, limited production, and artisan craftsmanship, ensures our eyewear follows in the purest C.W. Dixey & Son tradition.

IMAGE: Gold and pearl telescope created for Emperor Qianlong of China.
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